Luca Greco (Sorbonne nouvelle Paris 3)


I received my B.A. (Laurea) from the University of Pisa (Italie) in Social Psychology and my PhD in Linguistics from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS Paris). Actually, I am associate professor of Sociolinguistics at the University Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle.
I spent 1 month (Avril 2010) as a visiting scholar at NYU French Studies Department and 6 months (February - August 2014) as a visiting scholar at UCLA Center for Language, Interaction and Culture.
My research focuses on categorization practices in talk, texts and bodily conducts in interaction. I am interested in how identity, language and culture are intertwined in processes of emergence, reproduction and deconstruction of gender in sociocultural practices. Linguistic anthropology is my theoretical framework combining ethnographic, interactional and queer studies approaches.
My research explores the interface between language, gender and sexuality in Gay and Lesbian Parentings, FtoM Self Presentation Practices, and Drag King Workhsops. Within this general scope, I have developed several main strands of research:
(1) ethnographic, interactional and multisemiotic approach to categorization, gender and self presentation practices; (2) queer linguistics combining phenomenological approaches, queer studies and critical perspectives ; (3) ethnography as a reflexive and as a discursive event; (4) performance in social sciences and in everyday activities.

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